South Texas Regional Airport

The South Texas Regional Airport continues to satisfy many entities which include the FAA, TxDOT, and on-and-off airport businesses. Staff is trained through the NATA (National Air Transportation Association) to be Professional Line Service Technicians and strive to provide a safe, clean, and functional airport for all. 

While visiting our airport you can enjoy clean facilities, fresh coffee, and properly trained friendly staff. The airport also provides full and self-serve Jet-A and AvGas fuel, flight planning, 24-hour terminal access with showers, a private conference room, a pilot lounge, a courtesy vehicle, free Wi-Fi, and four active runways.

Located¬† 26 miles from San Antonio, 145 miles from the Mexican border, and 165 miles from the Gulf Coast. The Airport is poised to serve users operating within the business centers of San Antonio. The Airport’s convenient proximity to San Antonio allows for short drive times for business users but also maintains enough distance to enjoy open airspace less restricted than the Class C airspace environment associated with San Antonio International.

Flight Training

From the 1970s to the early 2000s, the South Texas Regional Airport served as a flight training base for the U.S. Air Force’s Pilot Screening Program, as well as various other flight training academies to train foreign pilots. The infrastructure required for this purpose remains intact, poised for future flight training opportunities. Given its advantageous attributes, including relatively low airspace congestion and multiple runway configurations, South Texas Regional Airport stands out as an ideal location for flight training.

Flight instructors can use the various runway orientations to train pilots in the skill of crosswind landings and takeoffs. It is believed that the former U.S. Aviation Academy hangar would serve adequately as the base of operations for a new flight school at the Airport. In addition, there are two runway supervisory units available for use in flight training.

South Texas Regional Training Center

STRTC opened in August 2011, with on-site distance learning academic courses offered by Southwest Texas Junior College. The STRTC offers academic courses and other classes including vocational/technical trade courses such as welding, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), medical training, technology-based courses, and much more. The STRTC has conference rooms that accommodate meetings, training, and seminars.

The South Texas Regional Airport, functioning as an MRO hub offering comprehensive aircraft repair and completion services, also excels in storing and conducting end-of-life aircraft functions, commonly known as parts harvesting, with a primary focus on corporate to heavy aircraft. This unique versatility positions the airport as a one-stop destination for all aviation needs. In the event that a Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul operation expresses interest in establishing itself at the South Texas Regional Airport, the airport can further enhance its appeal by seamlessly connecting them with the South Texas Regional Training Center, which can supply a skilled workforce of technicians to support the MRO’s operations.